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Why Counselling

Need for Career Counselling

In recent times, there has been an influx of career options for students to choose from. The advent of technology has led to the world moving at a very fast pace. Also, there is too much of misinformation and aggressive marketing that could mislead and confuse both students and parents alike in choosing the right career. The world has advanced so rapidly that what was relevant and sought after a few years back has become obsolete today, and this rapid development and change will continue. However, the education imparted to students has not kept up with this rapid change. Hence, it is vital that students and parents have a reliable source to guide and counsel them to remain up to date with the changes in the field of education.

Students as well as parents are usually not that in sync with the constantly changing career options. Thus, the role of a career counsellor becomes essential in guiding the students and laying down all the probable options best suited for the students based on an extensive profile review and psychometric tests.


About Grace Institute of Excellence:

We, at Grace Institute of Excellence, follow a scientific and standardized process to evaluate a client’s aptitude and personality. These processes help us to obtain the most important information about a client’s behaviour, emotional strength, interests and skills. With the received information we facilitate on what kind of careers would be suitable for them. We are aware of the jobs in the market and the skill sets that are required for specific fields. As per your knowledge and skills, our career counsellors help you discover various career opportunities. We aim to provide the following services:




Career Counselling


Growth Counselling


Test/Aptitude test/Elementary Career Test


Counselling Sessions

Dedicated assessments

from all skill levels

Clients Review

Our Lovely Clients Get Helped From Our Company

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